British food is great and all…

After being here for a few weeks and multiple shopping trips at our local Waitrose (and even a trip to Kensington’s Whole Foods), I found it interesting noticing which American foods I am pining for while my time here. Soooo for entertainment I decided to make a list of the incredibly random foods I wish London sold.


Okay so London does not have a good variety on this front. They are so into these raw Nakd bars and I buy them because they are the healthiest option I can find and they taste just okay. I miss my Clif Kid Zbars, Rickland Orchard Greek yogurt coated bars and KIND bars.



2. My cereal

I don’t think English people really eat cereal all that much because they have the tiniest little selection in food stores. The top two cereals I miss are Cinnamon Life and Cinnamon Crumble Kashi Go Lean Crisp. Cinnamon Life was one of my all-day snacks (cereal is in now way just a breakfast food) ever since Colin got me hooked. I never really ate the Kashi cereal as just cereal itself, but I would create this absolutely grand breakfast creation with the cereal. I kind of love graham crackers/cinnamon so this breakfast is just my favorite thing.

3. Veggie chips

Here, they sell these weird veggie crisps by Tyrrell’s and they are more of a traditional potato chip consistency/appearance and don’t feel as healthy to me. I prefer Snyder’s EatSmart Naturals Garden Veggie Chips. While they are still chips and I know it’s not like you’re eating actual cut up vegetables, these are a lighter and fresher tasting chip and are quite satisfying if you get a munchy craving.


the British veggie crisp.



3. Graham Cracker items

Honey Maid Lil Squares and S’mores Goldfish are the You may be noticing a slight trend… I don’t know where this affinity for graham crackers has emerged from, but what can I do. McVities dark chocolate digestives are pretty tasty, so I’ll accept these and their other tea biscuit types as a decent alternative.


fortunately yummy.

4. Raw juices

I have gotten far too spoiled by the Whole Foods in NYC with their juice/drink varieties. Not that fake “healthy” juice like Naked. I like cleanse juices like BluePrint or Suja and my particular favorite juices are Rawpothecary’s juice blends and nut/seed milks. They don’t add anything else to their juices and they even have little remnants of the fruits/veggies floating in the bottles. They also sell delicious cold-pressed coffee and non-dairy drinks which are so yummy. Whole Foods also sold OMilk (a Brooklyn-based company) that made incredibly tasty cashew and almond milk drinks, like a coffee-flavored one and a pumpkin pie-flavored one during the fall. I loved getting these drinks to support my healthy fats. Unfortunately London isn’t all healthy hipster like New York is.

5. Natural applesauce

This is self-explanatory. If you have been following my posts you all are well aware that I have been on the hunt for applesauce which is apparently nonexistent in the U.K. Oh well.

motts applesauce

British grocery stores: “What is this pre-packaged applesauce creation you speak of?”


I’ve saved the best for last. Oh Momofuku Milk Bar of the East Village, if only I knew how many times I have gone to your store. You’re welcome for all my business. The Perfect10 kookie is one of my favorite cookies on earth, and I would honestly hit up Milk Bar multiple times in a semester to buy a tin of Karlie’s Kookies (usually Perfect10, occasionally throwing in some 5boro) to keep my freezer continually stocked. At least I can make myself feel a little bit better in thinking that I have helped donate a whole lot of meals to FEED (each cookie donates a bit of the profits to the organization to provide meals to those in need). Milk Bar ships their cookies internationally and I’ve even gone so far as to contact them for a shipping quote, which was, alas, a tad too expensive ($48 shipping + $15 duties/taxes + $20 handling fee. Sheesh. All this just to get me some kookies).

So yes, I am the weirdest person ever and pick the most random foods to miss. Do I miss Chipotle or fast food restaurants (gag) or any other “traditional” American food most people desire while abroad? Nope. Pass me my Perfect10 kookies and raw sunflower seed coffee.


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